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About Tree of Life Recovery

At our facility, you will receive a psychological assessment followed by counseling sessions every day. You will also experience a thorough cleanse and rejuvenation therapy using juices and herbs, which will augment and ease the healing process.

addiction recovery program asheville

Do you have an addiction? Or do you have a dependency? The difference between addiction and dependence is not always so straight forward. In the mental health field …

addiction dependency meditation

At our center, you will experience a healing environment on 120 acres of undisturbed forest and pasture land in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Here you can address your …

wellness center marshall north carolina

See what’s happening at our center and what events are coming up. Read informational articles about meditation, exercise and addiction free healthy lifestyle, .

Who We Are

At Tree of Life Recovery we take a body, mind, spirit approach to healing. Our goal is to heal the whole person, not just the symptoms. Becoming substance free is not just about saying no to drink or drugs, it is more about saying yes to a new life. It is about saying yes to a new lifestyle that is more satisfying and inspiring than the old one. At x you will experience a new lifestyle that will inspire you toward change and inner growth.

Lawrence Farber addiction recovery asheville

Lawrence Farber, L.C.S.W., M.S.W., CSAT-C

Lawrence Farber is a clinical therapist specializing in empathetic counseling of teenagers and adults with expertise in substance abuse and recovery issues. Larry focuses on healing the entire person. With over 25 years of experience in clinical psychotherapy and 22 years as a yoga instructor, plus studies in medicine and nutrition, Larry brings a unique background to his work. In addition to his clinical therapy work, Larry is the creator of Integration Yoga, a holistic system of healing and wellness, and is available as a guest speaker on a variety of topics related to healing and wellness. He has helped hundreds of people regain substance free, healthy and vibrant lives. His profile and work can be viewed at larryfarber.com and su-drs.com as well.

Ramesh Bjonnes holistic counseling

Ramesh Bjonnes

Ramesh Bjonnes is the Director of the Prama Wellness Center. He studied Ayurvedic Medicine in India as well as at California College of Ayurveda and naturopathic detox therapy at the AM Wellness Center in Cebu, Philippines. Over the years, he has helped thousands of people reset their lives and gain better health. He is a popular workshop leader and is a frequent speaker for various events related to holistic health. He is the author of four books, and he lives with his wife Radhika in the mountains near Asheville, NC. His websites: prama.org and rameshbjonnes.com

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See what's happening at our center and what events are coming up. Read informational articles about meditation, exercise and addiction free healthy lifestyle.


My work with Larry Farber and Ramesh Bjonnes was far more valuable to me than any time I spent in rehabilitation or outpatient facilities.

David Bulmer, NC

Larry is a superior yoga teacher and a talented therapist. He took into account my frailties and disabilities, got me into yoga, as much as I was physically capable and I throughly enjoyed it.

Dr. Pat Nilson Ph.D.

My friend Barbara has taken many yoga classes and so have I, and we both agree that Larry is an exceptional teacher. The more of his classes I take the more evident this becomes.Not only is he entertaining, but very knowledgeable, committed, caring and dedicated. He has a real gift for making the postures understandable in terms of what they can do for the body and why. This is the main aspect missing from classes I have taken before.

Lisa Fronti

When you are involved with an Integration class or workshop, you have entered into a world beyond Hatha yoga postures. The integration of mind, spirit and body serves to improve all areas of your life…well beyond the time you spend in the class itself.

Michele A. Bell

They say that good things come your way when you least expect them..that is what happened one Monday morning when I walked into Larry’s class for the first time. It was the beginning of an incredible journey filled with bliss and contentment.

Debby Steinberg

I turned to yoga out of curiosity and to improve my flexibility…what I discovered with Integration Yoga changed my life. 50 lbs. weight loss, incredible gains in flexibility and strength, plus a surprising lift in my spiritual and emotional well-being.

Matt Rubenstein

“In those 30 days, I lost 25 pounds. And not only have I kept off every pound, I even came home and lost 10 more. Now if my weight starts to go up a little, I just juice for a while and the weight comes right back off.”

Courtney Zawisa

"As a person who is experiencing diabetes, I feel motivated to move forward on my way to perfect health. I did not take meds while here and my blood sugars were within normal range during the fast."

M.E. Smith

"The world is blessed to have Prama Wellness Center! I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to complete a 5 day detox program. The experience is life changing and to be able to be here with such support, care love, and joy makes it possible. If you are ready to embrace change – visit Prama!"

Maggie Cooper

"Before [working with Ramesh Bjonnes], I was in poor shape. I didn’t have any flexibility, I had sore joints and a sore body, and I had been told I needed a knee replacement. Today, without any surgery, I am feeling good and walking eight to ten miles a day. I even signed up for my first half-marathon! And I have lost over 50 pounds."

Debbie Eaker